Faux Finished Painting

Faux Finished Painting in Denver

“Faux” means “false” in French, and it’s a centuries-old painting technique that we’re happy to offer our Denver area clients. Faux finish painting creates an imitation of a recognizable material like marble, wood, suede or concrete. The capabilities of Colorado Quality Painting’s faux finish paint artists extend far beyond basic imitation to dramatically enhance the aesthetic of your Denver property. Our faux painting techniques are executed so skillfully that the eye is tricked into accepting the desired effect. Whether you want to make your ceiling seem higher or lower or make a room feel larger or smaller, the possibilities are endless when you hire Colorado Quality Painting’s faux finish painting professionals.

Whether the interior atmosphere you’d like to create in your Denver home or business is fun and imaginative, bold and intriguing, or calm and serene, a faux finish is one of the best ways to create the dramatic effect you’re seeking. Colorado Quality Painting’s talented artists can mimic an existing concept you’ve fallen in love with or create a custom design that’s unique to your Denver property through decorative painting. We are equipped to handle even large-scale exterior projects in addition to single or multi-wall interior jobs. Whether it’s indoors or out, our skilled application techniques and high-quality faux finish paint products are durable and long-lasting, so your Denver property’s faux finish can be enjoyed for years to come.

An Experienced Faux Painting Company in Denver

There is no substitute for experience, and our experience in decorative painting is one of the things that makes Colorado Quality Painting different from other faux painting companies in Denver. We have proudly transformed the interior and exterior of Denver area homes since 2004. If you’re searching for a particular look or feel, our faux finish painters can help you achieve the goals that you have for your Denver home.

Denver’s Versatile Decorative Painting Services

There are several ways to make your current house into your dream home, right here in Denver. One of the easiest, most affordable ways to do that is through the decorative painting services that Colorado Quality Painting offers. When done correctly, faux finish paint can transform the look and feel of the interior and/or exterior of your Denver home by disguising surface flaws and adding texture to a room. Our team of experienced decorative painting professionals would love to create a dramatic backdrop or focus wall.

Our Faux Finish Work