Colorado is a state like no other. From our Rocky Mountains to the Denver Metro Area and beyond, the Centennial State is something special. 

And whether they’re newcomers or natives, Colorado property owners know they can trust Colorado Quality Painting with all their interior and exterior painting needs. Since 2004, Colorado Quality Painting has been serving the greater Metro area with its signature handcrafted painting, and excellent, reliable service from a company that is 100% Colorado Native.


Colorado Quality is Right There in the Name.

Exterior Paint to Withstand the Weather

If natural beauty is any indicator, Colorado may be one of Mother Nature’s favorite children. But that doesn’t mean that our weather isn’t harsh, and often extreme. 

With almost two decades of experience working exclusively in the greater Denver area, Colorado Quality Painting knows the beating that the exteriors of our homes and businesses get from extreme weather. Our professionals can help you make the best selections for your Colorado build or remodel – inside and out.

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Beautiful, Magazine-Worthy Interior Paint

Just because the professional painters at Colorado Quality Paint are experts when it comes to keeping the exteriors of Denver area homes and buildings looking their best, don’t think that means we aren’t also masters of interior painting. 

With teams that specialize in making the inside of your home or business look as good as the outside, you can count on Colorado Quality Painting for all your painting needs, whether you’re in Lone Tree or Aurora, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, or anywhere else in the Denver Metro area.

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